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Liyuan Venture Capital Shares Co,Ltd was established by Liyuan Group in 2006. It is one of the first Chinese venture companies operating freely in the market. Liyuan Venture Capital Shares Co,Ltd  focuses on VC/Angel investment, PE, and fund management. The team is composed with the most qualified private equity fund managers specializing in portfolio management and risk control. 

As one of China’s largest and most active investment firms, Liyuan Corporation has developed deep domain expertise and insights into the industries of focus. The company has 15 billion RMB under management, and a remarkable performance including 30 successful IPOs and high return on investment.

Liyuan Venture Capital Shares Co,Ltd focuses on forming the team with the most talented people with professional investment skills. More than 90% of the team members hold master degree or higher. 

Liyuan Venture Capital Shares Co,Ltd, with the unique vision and angle on choosing projects, is supported by Liyuan Group, which possesses the strong industrial background. There is no failure investment in the history of the company so far. 

Deeply rooted in Zhejiang Province, a wide range of contract is established with the Group of Businessmen in Zhejiang Province. With the abundant resources of LP, the company possesses the unique advantages in investment and capitalization. Liyuan Venture Capital Shares Co,Ltd expands its business from PE/VC, angel investment to capital fund, wealth management, forming a comprehensive system of financial investment.

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