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1、Establish a project pool: Investment managers actively source deals and collect information through established channels, pre-screen companies of interest based on portfolio management and set priorities.

2、Initial screening: pre-screen on interested candidates and summarize company information.

3、Review and set up the project: Investment team reviews and discusses company valuation and possible ways of exit, and set the due diligence outline.

4、Due diligence: Hire a professional team to perform due diligence on all the important parts of the candidate company including finance, legal issues, technology and teams. Provide due diligence report.

5、Letter of interest: Negotiate terms including the share, right and obligation of the potential investment. Issue the letter of interest and write business proposal once a consensus is reached.

6、Decision-making: Investment committee makes the final examination and approves the investment agreement.

7、Sign purchase agreement and wire money.

8、Portfolio management: Provice Value-add services including strategic consulting, team hiring, fundraising, and IPO consulting services.

9、Exit:Make the exit plan based on portfolio companies’actual situation. Exit through IPO, merge and acquisition, repurchase and buy back and so on.

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